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Posted by on in The Teak Garden Furniture Blog

What is Teak oil?

Good quality Teak oil that is produced to be used for both teak garden furniture and boat decking and is made from 4 ingredients.

Tung oil

tung tree seeds

Tung oil is extracted from the seeds of the Tung tree. Tung oil is used in teak oil for two reasons; it’s drying qualities and its colour. When Tung oil is exposed to the air it hardens and dries quickly this is ideal for use on teak garden furniture as it will ensure that, your bench for example, becomes rigid and strong very quickly. Tung oil gives teak wood a wet look with a golden tint that makes the grains and natural colours of the teak come to life.


Linseed oil

flax plant seeds

Linseed oil is similar to Tung oil in being that it is used for its drying and colour enhancing qualities. Linseed is the oil that is extracted from the seeds of the Flax plant. This oil is slow drying and will soak into the teak wood not just sit on the surface making your teak incredibly durable. The oil also helps to give your teak furniture a glossy surface that enhances the colours of the wood.

Flax plant from which the seeds are extracted pictured to the left.



Good quality teak oil should always contain a high Glycerine content; this will help protect your teak wood by removing water from the air around your furniture. Predominately used in the preservation of fruit and in soap making, Glycerine also has fantastic antiseptic qualities which will protect against disease and mildew.

Mineral spirits

Mineral spirits are used for two reasons, to thin the teak oil for easy application to teak wood and also for its cleaning properties.

To purchase your quality Teak oil, email sales@teakgardenfurniture.co.uk .

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Posted by on in The Teak Garden Furniture Blog

Having been selected to create an outside space you will now be looking for seating that is best suited to the area that you are designing. To help you make the best landscape bench decision I have selected some examples of bespoke landscape benches that we have recently manufactured right here in Britain. 

Bespoke Hadrian Iroko Benches

Furniture for community gardens:

Pictured above is a bespoke curved Hadrian this 2.4m solid bench was created to match the decadent courtyard that it was situated in. These Hadrian benches were created in the customers choice of hardwood, Iroko. Bespoke Hadrians can be created in pretty much any size to meet your design and clients requirements, from a 2 seater 1.2m bench right up to, well the largest that we have created so far is 17.2m.

a 137

Furniture for areas needing additional designer furniture:

Pictured above is a bespoke Leviathan sized at just over 12m this bench was created using the finest quality Florian oak. 

Rhapsody B2B Oak Bench Copy

Furniture for areas of heavy usage:

This bespoke back 2 back Rhapsody bench was designed and created to meet a customers need for furniture that is both long lasting and stunning. These Oak Rhapsody benches are sized at 2.1m each and will seat 6 in comfort without taking up too much room. This particular option would be perfect for placement in a busy transport station where space can be an issue.

To discuss your landscape bench needs please call us on 01429 890808 today.

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Posted by on in The Teak Garden Furniture Blog

If you have landed on this website because you are looking for bespoke indoor or outdoor furniture you have arrived at the right place. Please watch the video below made by the company owner, Karl Barowsky, for more information.

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Posted by on in The Teak Garden Furniture Blog

There's a chill in the air

As the dark nights draw closer and you find yourself contemplating lighting a log on the fire. I’m sure that spending time in the garden is the last thing that you want to do on a crisp day.

Here at Teak Garden Furniture we enjoy this time of year as we get to create new designs for the coming months. Although we are well known for our luxury Teak garden furniture that’s not all we do. With the festive season just around the corner we’re creating unique custom made dining tables so that when you have all the family over you can proudly show off your one of a kind table whilst carving into the Turkey or popping that delectable chilled bubbly.

For a quote please email sales@teakgardenfurniture.co.uk

To follow our recent projects visit our Facebook page Teak Garden Furniture


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A very warm welcome to all our clients, friends and future customers.

 For once we have all enjoyed a pleasant, warm and mostly dry Summer.  I see the Hawthorn and Rose Hips are abundant as I drive around our green and pleasant land.  A sign of a harsh Winter, maybe.  Anyone feeling their seaweed, looking at the Pine Cones?  Speaking of cones I was given the largest cone I have ever seen, (gigantic is not the word to describe this monster) from one of our clients.  I understand they have to remove them to avoid the falling ones killing somebody.  We are hoping the seeds might germinate and create little monster trees – that said I will never see this happen in my lifetime.  Over to my sons Adam and Ben to manage the project. 

Grass is cut, Koi are still growing, The trotters are in the freezer, our Jacob Sheep have proved to be, as my dad once put it “messy and troublesome beasts” polite version!! Still we have Charlie our three week old baby ram to show for the efforts. Moorhens have hatched and raised their family, the foxes are decimating our chickens, our Buzzards are searching the newly mown field likewise the Barn Owls and Kestrels.  The demon killer of the garden ( Sparrowhawk ) still flashes through the trees grabbing the hapless sparrows that seem never to know what actually hit them.

We have this year been busier than over the past few, a sign I hope for us all that things are starting to improve?  Thank you for the loyalty you wonderful people out there offer.  We never take that for granted and as always strive to exceed your expectations and meet every requirement. Integrity, care and appreciation still are in my company, alive and kicking.

If you are still, and I am sure you are, gardening and fancy a last minute special purchase of some of the very finest TEAK, OAK, IROKO or SWEET CHESTNUT garden furniture money can buy give us a call.  Sorry to mention it but – Christmas is not that far away.  You can start saving up for a really special armchair for the old man, a cuddly companion set for you both or a superbly comfortable bench to place in your special spot in the garden.  A handmade Childs Armchair or Bench scaled perfectly. Add a message from Grandparents. Kept indoors these little jewels will last for hundreds of years and can be passed from generation to generation.

Can we please start a little ‘TRADITIONAL’ recipe club?  My mum always used to make a wonderful 1” thick Shortbread, Piccalilli to die for, my dad, Horseradish that made you cry just walking into the room whilst it was being grated on the kitchen table and so many more. Ginger Beer a living thing that looked like something from Quatermass on the kitchen windowsill. Pickled eggs that do not look either anaemic or as brown as conkers.  Jamie Oliver and High Fearnley-Whittingstall what’s his name seem, among others to try to sort these traditional dishes so come on folks we have some time before the festive season kicks in let’s create a few jars of real quality pickles to go with our British Cheeses.

As a reward the top 5 recipes each week will receive a Magic bottle holder with my compliments. This will get your friends talking around the table or place on the windowsill as a Red Wine warmer.

I apologise for this great gap since my last ramblings you decide more or less? Have a great late Summer, go gather the fruits of Autumn and most importantly Laugh daily, Smile often and speak to other people kindly, who knows they might just smile and answer you back.

Warm regards. 


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