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Posted by on in The Teak Garden Furniture Blog


Hi everyone, well what a Summer, long overdue but wonderful.

We have been extremely busy creating a new look that you can see on this site.

Take a look, let us have your thoughts – good or bad. We will reward the most innovative ideas!

Now for all of you in the Home Counties, South East and in fact anywhere!! We are really looking forward to meeting you all at the LANDSCAPE SHOW located at the new BATTERSEA EXHIBITION CENTRE
In London held over two days the 24 and 25 September.

You cannot miss us as you enter we are on your right so chat on the way in. Or sit a while and rest those tired feet on the way out. We look forward to meeting you.

On display will be examples of our stunning British Handmade Teak, Oak and Iroko Garden Furniture. Tables, Chairs, Benches, Coffee Tables with a difference, Memorial Benches in fact a bit of everything!!

A PRIZE DRAW – with a stunning prize worth over £500.00, A SPECIAL OFFER over the two days on SAVANNAH and NIRVANA solid Teak Extending Tables, each with 6 Reclining, Folding Teak Armchairs, a late season deal that will make your visit to Battersea worthwhile.

Tempted? For FREE TICKETS and more information contact www.landscapeshow.co.uk

See you there. Karl.

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Hello everyone today the 10th March with SPRING around the corner ( Silly me, I have just sent out our Spring Newsletter – please click here if you would like a copy ) and guess what it's SNOWING!!
They say England is a green and pleasant land, well someone did. Nowadays I'm not sure if we have global warming, global freezing or global flooding. Hang on yes I am, it's the whole lot usually each and every day!!

I do not know about all you lovely people out there in our cold and winter land, but we just have to be classed as one of mother natures greatest survivors. Banks, Governments, MP's all doing as they please, the Weather, Horsemeat, caught fish all being dumped back into the sea ( go for it Hugh ) Education and the Health Service all going backwards ( my opinion ) HOW DO WE SURVIVE??

Looking out of my office window I have Robins, Blue, Great, Coal and Long Tailed Tits, Gold Finches, Song Thrushes, Blackbirds, Pigeons, Jays, Magpies, Crow sitting on top of the Apple tree, Yellow Hammers, Pheasants and English Partridges all eagerly tucking in to the Niger seeds, Peanuts, Fat Balls, Wheat and the special finch mix all liberally supplied. A large log fire roaring in the hearth and a mug of good old Yorkshire Tea – BLISS?

Now despite all the adversities we face at www.teakgardenfurniture.co.uk and www.memorialbenches.org you may find the odd little bit of something nice. Will you be changing your garden furniture this year? Creating a special spot in the garden? Putting in a pond? Laying a new Patio? Or purchasing a Handmade Memorial Bench to commemorate a special loved one? If it's a yes to any or indeed if only considering please feel free to call for advice, help or indeed any information you might need. What we don't know we can find for you – all part of our commitment to provide you with a really special, personal experience.

Our Bespoke Handmade furniture is generally regarded as the most substantial on the market today and having been around since 1923 we do at last!! Know what we are doing. HAPPY GARDENING.

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Posted by on in The Teak Garden Furniture Blog


WELCOME to the Spring 2013 Newsletter from Teak Garden Furniture.

Spring officially starts Wednesday 20 March 2013, only a few weeks away and we are busily preparing for the start of the season.

Landscaping and outdoor recreation has become a popular trend and the desire for furniture to sit, relax and enjoy the space has followed.

Teak Garden Furniture provides a wide range of designs, from simple and elegant to stylish and contemporary. We are promoting a series of mix and match furniture sets to welcome the arrival of Spring. Tailored to suit modest budgets, without comprising quality, there is a selection of folding tables and chairs to choose from, fully assembled

Why Choose Teak?

  • Teak wood construction allows teak patio sets to last years longer than other patio sets.
  • Teak does not need to be protected. It is a unique wood that if left in its natural state is almost maintenance free.
  • It can be left outside all year round, surviving the elements. Therefore, it is considered the ideal choice for garden furniture.
  • If left untreated, over time teak will turn a silvery grey. This is a cosmetic process and will not harm or affect the strength, durability or quality of the wood.

Free Prize Draw Winner

The Winner of the Christmas Prize Draw which was a handmade solid Rhapsody chair worth £485 was Mr & Mrs A, from Huddersfield.

Mother's Day - 11 March 2013

Mothers DayAre you looking for something different for Mother’s Day, or simply stuck for an idea?

Why not treat your Mum to one of our hardwood planters. Various sizes available, choose from square or rectangular.

We can also arrange to have it planted for you with seasonal plants.

Quote of the Day

'My neighbour asked if he could use my lawnmower and I told him of course he could, so long as he didn’t take it out of my garden. '
Eric Morecambe

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Below are the 5 main reasons why!

1. You purchased cheaply made, far Eastern products?

2. It most probably was not manufactured correctly!

3. It was a 'bargain' to good to be true, and has proved to be!

4. The timber used was young, immature and unseasoned!

5. Staff employed are young, unskilled and often underpaid!

So truthfully what did you really expect? Below are the REAL answers.

1. You purchase 'QUALITY' genuinely British Made products!!

2. We Mortice & Tenon our joints, Screw & Glue then place matching dowels to cover!!

3. A 'BARGAIN' is TOTAL satisfaction, and Peace of Mind!!

4. ALL our Hardwoods are fully mature, seasoned, kiln dried and LEGAL!!

5. Our staff are time served 'ARTISANS' lovers of wood, seekers of PERFECTION and they earn proper wages totally commensurate with their expertise!!

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Posted by on in The Teak Garden Furniture Blog


In this current, troubled world even the Goldfish don’t have it easy.

Sadly on another day Goldie fed the cat!! and to cap it all the cat has now moved out as well. Only to be replaced by – no less than 4 yes 4 Herons trying their luck in the bigger pond. All the experts reckon Herons are solitary fishermen, not these sods they line up around the edge every few feet. Talk about running the gauntlet…..

We have just delivered a Bespoke Oak Bench for someone really special – more news and pictures later.

Latest arrivals on the family front are Raquel, Cassandra and Marlene only problem, Marlene it turns out is a Rodney!!!!! None the less 3 very nice Saddlebacks are now ploughing my field, having already turned over and fertilised my veggie patch. Never a dull moment at our house. I have told the boys to call them Sausage, Bacon and Ham! as usual no one takes any notice.

Been creating Obelisks for a client so if Obelisks tickle you fancy pictures will be on our site in the very near future. We also have solid Teak Wellington boot pullers.

Talk soon..

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As we enter the cooler shorter days our thoughts should be directed towards a little maintenance of our Garden furniture.

A light scrub using a little detergent and a good rinse off, allow to dry and if you have good quality Teak then really that is all that's needed.

Should you wish to bring indoors please ensure your furniture can breath, if left outside DO NOT COVER with tight fitting plastic as this will cause mildew and when you uncover in the Spring it will smell and look awful. The rule is always allow a clear passage of air – or just leave it alone. Teak is one of natures great survivors, the natural oils and minerals keep it looking good no matter what mother nature throws at it.

These two pictures illustrate the point – This Companion Set comprises of Rhapsody Teak Armchairs and a Teak centre Table

Our special projects this summer have obviously encompassed the Diamond Jubilee and pictured below is a special 4 metre curved bench.

Engraved to Commemorate 60 years of dedicated service by Her Majesty

As the recession bites deeper everyone is watching the pennies, Christmas drawers nearer and we have a few "Special Offers" to try to give you the chance to give a really worthwhile present that is functional, stylish and will last a lifetime. Without breaking the bank!!

Pictured below are:- A Teak Wine Rack, Magic bottle Holder, Noughts and Crosses, A wonderful small Teak Folding Table, A Ornamental Grass or Umbrella Holder, A Solid Teak Childs Bench ( which can if required be engraved ) and of course you can browse the site and see hundreds of Handmade Tables, Chairs, Benches, Memorial Benches, Doors, Gates, Windows and the list goes on.......... JUST ASK.

Should you wish to indulge a loved one with a beautiful handmade Garden Bench we do have a few late specials!!

As always your comments, thoughts and ideas are most welcome. Just in case we do not speak before the festivities.....


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Posted by on in The Teak Garden Furniture Blog

Well, as Sir Bruce Forsyth would say...... "Didn't we do well."

As the gold dust settles from London 2012, I wanted to share some thoughts with you on the extraordinary spectacle and experience we've just been through – and some observations that might be of use in you Entrepreneurial life.

I was going to write this email the day of the closing ceremony but I think it may be of more use today, as Britain starts to get back to 'normal.' The following is really written for my UK readers. If you're outside Britain, don't be offended. We're feeling rather proud of ourselves at the moment.

So, some thoughts on the London Olympics of 2012.......

First, I had forgotten what an extraordinary country Britain can be. Somewhere, back in the mists of times, our ancestors had the balls to call our country GREAT Britain. I think we had lost track of why. I know I had. The last month has shown us why. It's been exciting to be here over the last few weeks but it's also been a privilege. The organisational and logistic achievement of what we did and how well we did it was breathtaking. I'm not sure what was more impressive.....turning up at the Olympic stadium and seeing this extraordinary creation – or leaving the stadium with a hundred thousand people and somehow getting onto that bullet train and back to London in 7 minutes without having to queue for a moment. I have absolutely no idea how they did it. I do know that the whole experience was a profound reminder that when we get our act together, we can do anything as well as any country on this planet – and in many cases much better. It's worth us remembering that as we run our businesses. It's easy to believe that we have an inherent disadvantage against the global economic superpowers. That's not the case. If anything the opposite is true. We have a history of producing results massively disproportionate to our relatively small population. Think of the opening ceremony and that never ending stream of music we have gifted the world.

Talking of music, that wonderful opening ceremony also reminded us of our creative genius. From The Beatles, to Shakespeare and so much more, we are an island brimming with creativity. I've always argued that great Entrepreneurism isn't primarily about business skills. They're easy to master. Great Entrepreneurism is about creativity. Whatever business you have, you've created it out of absolutely nothing. Reaching your goals and solving future problems will require skill – but above all it will require your creativity. Tapping into our innate creativity is something we could all do more of.

As an aside, it's also worth remembering that there's a direct link between creativity, intelligence and humour. A sense of humour requires the ability to link seemingly unrelated factors in your brain in unusual ways. So does creativity and intelligence. I've been constantly reminded of Britain's sense of humour over these weeks. From Rowan Atkinson's Chariots of Fire to the jokes and banter of those incredible volunteers. Our sense of humour is an asset. There were mumblings after the opening ceremony that some countries wouldn't 'get' some of it. No they wouldn't. That's the point.

My American friends are fond of proclaiming their country the greatest on earth. I respect their patriotism but I don't think the world is that black and white. In any context, we have the opportunity to be as good, or better than anyone else. I know that Sir Richard Branson's Virgin America airline is kicking ass in the country of supposed superior customer service. There's no reason you can't do the same in your own field of endeavour.

I'm as guilty as anyone of complaining about my country. There's a lot wrong with it. But in August 2012 that country did something to me it had never done before. It humbled me. A couple of weeks ago I strolled across Blackheath Common where I used to stumble as a teenager after an evening at the pub – and walked into Greenwich Park to experience not only the most stunning backdrop imaginable for the equestrian events, but also Britain winning gold. I wasn't expecting that and I certainly wasn't expecting how emotional it would be when they raised the flag and played the anthem. I don't claim to be an equestrian expert but it seems this all happened because one of our team, in his 50s, broke his neck a few years ago and was told he'd never ride again and totally refused to buy into his diagnosis. That's another thing the British are good at – sheer bloody minded stubbornness.

The next thing may be obvious – but it's worth focusing on. The Olympic Games is about the leading edge of human excellence. You've just had two and a half weeks surrounded by human beings at the pinnacle of that excellence. One of the interesting things about studying excellence is that the context is fairly irrelevant if you're interested in learning from high achievers. In other words, the fact that Bradley Wiggins rides bikes and you run a business doesn't matter if you're interested in learning profound lessons from Bradley. In fact, the British cycling team's three pronged approach to success that has made them the best in the world, can be mapped across to business almost word for word. For example, their approach to incremental improvements is what we would call optimisation. It would be a very good use of your time to watch interviews with the high achievers from the Olympics and take notes. I did and have lots of sheets of paper from the last couple of weeks stuffed in my pockets as a result.

There are numerous lessons we can learn from the gold medal winners and most are beyond the scope of this message. But I'll make one observation. I didn't see any gold medal winners who got there by making a vague decision about how successful they'd like to be, putting in the same effort as the masses and not working weekends. I'm not sure why so many business owners who take that type of half-hearted approach, are so surprised that their life is such a struggle. You get gold by getting up when everyone else is asleep and putting in the work that others won't. Then you do it again and again and again through rain, sleet and snow. You get gold by failing and coming out of that failure with an iron resolve that nobody will shake. You get gold by doing the gymnastic leap of your life, with a bandaged broken toe.

Of course, when we see the proud athlete with their gold medal glistening in the London sun, we don't see the cold, dark mornings of training they endured to get there. Likewise, when you turn up in your shiny new car (or whatever your equivalent) the people in your world won't necessarily have seen the Entrepreneurial pain and heartache you endured to get there. But the gold medal winner and the Entrepreneurial winner are the same in many ways. They know precisely what they want. And they're willing to pay the price to get it.

Finally, one of the great joys of the 2012 Olympics was that Britain stopped moaning. An extraordinary achievement. I experienced several London taxi drivers who were totally silent. There was nothing to moan about, so they had nothing to say. Ironically, most of us Brits think we stopped moaning because the Olympics were so great. I would say that the Olympics were so great partly because we stopped moaning. You simply can't have that level of excellence with negativity. The laws of the universe won't allow it.

Our culture and our media's obsession with negativity is, I believe, one of Britain's greatest challenges going forward. This economy will pass. Our attitudes won't. That media and culture are eagerly awaiting the 'return to normal' so that they can claim that the high we experienced at the Olympics was a flash in the pan. Actually, as a nation, they'll be right. Six months from now the country will be about as negative as it was six months ago.

But the same does not have to be true for YOU as an individual.

If you're in Britain you've just experienced your country functioning at an extraordinary level of excellence. You've seen what we're truly capable of, when strategy, mindset and a belief in possibility are aligned. And as if that wasn't enough, hundreds of the world's most incredible, success driven individuals have come to your country and shown you, day after day, levels of human achievement that are simply staggering.

I hope you enjoyed the Olympics as much as I did. But I also hope that you'll consider using it as a wake-up call. A wake up to what you're capable of. And maybe a wake up to the fact that you're not even scratching the surface of your true potential.

And remember, you live in a country where James Bond went to pick up the Queen to take her to the Olympics. It's OK to be proud.

A colleague composed this and I totally support and agree with the ethos and comments. What few hairs I have left stood on more than one occasion!! We have a few months of 2012 left COME ON lets go for it..........?

Best regards.

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a brand new, easy to use, informative and very factual website offering only the very finest Handmade Garden, Patio, Street, Memorial and Bespoke Furniture.


We manufacture virtually all our products here in Hartlepool.  You are cordially invited to call and see our craftsmen in action, to discuss any ideas or special requests you may have. You can if preferred email or even use the good old fashioned postal service. It all arrives one way or the other!


We are extremely proud of our reputation, gained the hard way by providing first class products, an even better service, working on an ethical basis, sourcing only the best quality Hardwoods from managed forests and ensuring at all times full traceability.  Our roots go back to a family business started in 1923 we are still privately owned. Staunchly proud and know we provide, put basically “THE VERY BEST OUTDOOR FURNITURE MONEY CAN BUY”


Now you will be thinking yeah everybody says that. They might do, but go and look at your Garden Furniture purchased from your local DIY store, Garden Centre etc. and see if it is looking as good after 2 years as it did when you brought it?  I can guarantee it will not be, then push it to 5 or more – if you can? NO, well ours does, will and go way beyond.  We have clients/friends who have purchased items 40 – 50 years ago and its still going strong.  Makes the overall cost of ownership peanuts.  In today’s very difficult and financially constrained world VALUE FOR MONEY is an absolute must.


Our materials include obviously the finest TEAK, PURE OAK, BRITISH SWEET CHESTNUT and fully verifiable and sometimes IROKO we also use when requested CEDAR, BEECH,MAHOGANY and other Hardwoods.  If you have a fallen Oak and want to use it ‘GREEN’ for Gates, Posts, Fencing etc. we can collect, slice and use for your project. Alternatively ‘STICK IT’ allow to AIR DRY for a few years then use it.


BESPOKE items including, Curved Benches, Massive Tables, Giant Chairs, Traditional Doors, Sash and standard Window Frames, Staircases, Conservatories if it’s made of wood we can produce it for you.  You only have to ask!!


Your comments, critical or otherwise are always welcome. Telephone to discuss something, we love to talk WOOD.  Quite simply our constant aim is to always –




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Not a piece of music, although one could wax lyrical over these for days, months or even years. Our Rhapsody is simply a stunningly beautiful armchair. Created with a love of wood, a passion for producing sublime quality, and far more importantly a chair that is so comfy you do not even need a cushion, no matter how long you sit and chat to those friends you invited around hours ago.

As you rest your glass of wine, water or beer on the beautifully curved silky smooth arm you cannot resist being drawn into caressing the tactile warmth of a natural product – wood. Whether it be the finest quality Teak, the European Oak, the British grown Sweet Chestnut or our African Iroko the finish and wonderful good looks come as standard.

A handmade Hartlepool or Warrior table with Rhapsody Armchairs provides a breathtaking combination. Take a peek at the picture above and you'll see exactly why so many discerning people choose these as friends for life. Heavy weight and very durable you can even choose a differing size for example have two King size and four standard chairs and if like me you are that little bit wider across the beam the King size is a dream come true. Sit back, relax enjoy all that's good in alfresco dining.

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You have probably never heard of me? My story is really fantastic from birth in Africa to my current location at Sir John Fitzgerald's The Green Pub on the way into Newcastle from Sunderland.

Some 80 or so years ago I sprang from the dry, dusty earth on the Ivory Coast in Africa. A small insignificant sapling, nibbled by various animals, never fortunately trodden on – growing slowly I eventually matured into a very large IROKO tree, I am classified as a very durable hardwood with similar characteristics to my rich cousin Tectona Grandis otherwise known as TEAK.

I grew up in mixed woodland and when eventually found to be ready for harvesting was felled, trimmed and taken to a large sawmill for sawing into 50mm planks to be shipped off to England and then kiln dried to meet the requirements of my new owners. Carefully packaged, wrapped in heavy plastic to protect me after a long and bumpy journey in a strange steel box I suddenly found myself looking into a caring gaze of British Craftsmen at Solid Oak Hardwood Furniture in Hartlepool.

I was unpacked, had small pieces of timber slipped between my layers to allow air to circulate and me to adjust to this strange new land, brr it's very cold here. Men carried me around, eyed me up and down, checked to ensure I was straight and true then carefully with the most amazing concern for my welfare proceeded to mark, cut, shape and transform me and my friends into the most wonderful Picnic Tables. Very Heavy and because of the hand sanding beautifully smooth and silky. All my screws, are hidden carefully under matching dowels, Stainless Steel Coach bolts keep me together and as you can see from the picture at the top of this page I LOOK FANTASTIC.

I would love to see you soon, sit on my warm tactile seats, enjoy a bite of lunch, a glass of something maybe? But most of all – like my creators, appreciate from where I once began and when in 25 or so years my life here is done I can be recycled and my carbon footprint (never knew I had one of those) is virtually zero.

See you soon?

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