a brand new, easy to use, informative and very factual website offering only the very finest Handmade Garden, Patio, Street, Memorial and Bespoke Furniture.


We manufacture virtually all our products here in Hartlepool.  You are cordially invited to call and see our craftsmen in action, to discuss any ideas or special requests you may have. You can if preferred email or even use the good old fashioned postal service. It all arrives one way or the other!


We are extremely proud of our reputation, gained the hard way by providing first class products, an even better service, working on an ethical basis, sourcing only the best quality Hardwoods from managed forests and ensuring at all times full traceability.  Our roots go back to a family business started in 1923 we are still privately owned. Staunchly proud and know we provide, put basically “THE VERY BEST OUTDOOR FURNITURE MONEY CAN BUY”


Now you will be thinking yeah everybody says that. They might do, but go and look at your Garden Furniture purchased from your local DIY store, Garden Centre etc. and see if it is looking as good after 2 years as it did when you brought it?  I can guarantee it will not be, then push it to 5 or more – if you can? NO, well ours does, will and go way beyond.  We have clients/friends who have purchased items 40 – 50 years ago and its still going strong.  Makes the overall cost of ownership peanuts.  In today’s very difficult and financially constrained world VALUE FOR MONEY is an absolute must.


Our materials include obviously the finest TEAK, PURE OAK, BRITISH SWEET CHESTNUT and fully verifiable and sometimes IROKO we also use when requested CEDAR, BEECH,MAHOGANY and other Hardwoods.  If you have a fallen Oak and want to use it ‘GREEN’ for Gates, Posts, Fencing etc. we can collect, slice and use for your project. Alternatively ‘STICK IT’ allow to AIR DRY for a few years then use it.


BESPOKE items including, Curved Benches, Massive Tables, Giant Chairs, Traditional Doors, Sash and standard Window Frames, Staircases, Conservatories if it’s made of wood we can produce it for you.  You only have to ask!!


Your comments, critical or otherwise are always welcome. Telephone to discuss something, we love to talk WOOD.  Quite simply our constant aim is to always –