Not a piece of music, although one could wax lyrical over these for days, months or even years. Our Rhapsody is simply a stunningly beautiful armchair. Created with a love of wood, a passion for producing sublime quality, and far more importantly a chair that is so comfy you do not even need a cushion, no matter how long you sit and chat to those friends you invited around hours ago.

As you rest your glass of wine, water or beer on the beautifully curved silky smooth arm you cannot resist being drawn into caressing the tactile warmth of a natural product – wood. Whether it be the finest quality Teak, the European Oak, the British grown Sweet Chestnut or our African Iroko the finish and wonderful good looks come as standard.

A handmade Hartlepool or Warrior table with Rhapsody Armchairs provides a breathtaking combination. Take a peek at the picture above and you'll see exactly why so many discerning people choose these as friends for life. Heavy weight and very durable you can even choose a differing size for example have two King size and four standard chairs and if like me you are that little bit wider across the beam the King size is a dream come true. Sit back, relax enjoy all that's good in alfresco dining.