In this current, troubled world even the Goldfish don’t have it easy.

Sadly on another day Goldie fed the cat!! and to cap it all the cat has now moved out as well. Only to be replaced by – no less than 4 yes 4 Herons trying their luck in the bigger pond. All the experts reckon Herons are solitary fishermen, not these sods they line up around the edge every few feet. Talk about running the gauntlet…..

We have just delivered a Bespoke Oak Bench for someone really special – more news and pictures later.

Latest arrivals on the family front are Raquel, Cassandra and Marlene only problem, Marlene it turns out is a Rodney!!!!! None the less 3 very nice Saddlebacks are now ploughing my field, having already turned over and fertilised my veggie patch. Never a dull moment at our house. I have told the boys to call them Sausage, Bacon and Ham! as usual no one takes any notice.

Been creating Obelisks for a client so if Obelisks tickle you fancy pictures will be on our site in the very near future. We also have solid Teak Wellington boot pullers.

Talk soon..