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Bespoke Furniture Design - Anything is possible...

Back2Back SeatsirokoNothing gives greater pleasure than sitting in your garden with family and friends admiring your garden.

Hopefully you are seated on a wonderful set of furniture, be it Teak, Oak, Iroko or British Sweet Chestnut, all beautiful woods with their own characteristics.

Good looks, style, and longevity all come as standard from the Teak Garden Furniture workshop. We started creating bespoke furniture in 1923 and it still forms a very large part of what we do running alongside our standard range of street, park, garden and memorial furniture. From 0.75m to benches just over 17 metres in length. Curved from 2 metres to well over 6 metres. Special back2back seats in oak pictured above.

We've created white benches especially for the British open at Turnberry and Iroko picnic tables from 1.5m to over 4m pictured above to the right, this gigantic table took 10 men to carry in to position!

We create furniture to suit your garden and fulfil your dreams. We work closely with your landscape consultant to achieve designs and meet your exact requirements.

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